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Once seen as taboo, body piercing has become an accepted art form that individuals utilize to express their individuality. At Pro Prick Body Piercing in Tacoma, WA, we specialize in piercings that accentuate your natural beauty with the addition of aesthetically pleasing body piercing jewelry. We perform body piercings on any part of your body, so please do not be shy. “If you can pinch it, we can pierce it!”

Our body piercing studio is a clean and sterile environment where we can perform body piercing that comes with a lifetime guarantee. With more than 10 years of experience in body piercing, body piercing artist Maxwell C. Dannen can complete any type of body piercing from difficult body parts to intricate designs that incorporate dozens of piercings.

Whether you are looking for a simple nose piercing or are looking for a larger transformation, you can trust Pro Prick Body Piercing to provide a body piercing you will love.

We use a hybrid style of piercing that we created after studying under Hook Koerner and Farkir Musafar. This style enhances your natural features by adding an accent of jewelry, rather than overwhelming any natural beauty. We use only professional top quality adornments.

Piercing is our passion. Not only does it allow us to meet interesting and diverse people, but it also allows us to beautify the world one body at a time. We feel honored to be part of the dynamic art form of body piercing.

If you are new to body piercing, give us a call, and we will answer all of your questions before scheduling your body piercing appointment. Call us now!

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