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With the rising interest in body art, many people have found genital piercings to be another way to express themselves. Whether you're feeling a little adventurous or a little naughty, come to Pro Prick Body Piercing for a professional genital piercing in Tacoma, WA.

Our piercing studio is a clean and sterile environment where we can perform genital piercing that comes with a lifetime guarantee. With more than 10 years of experience in body piercing, body piercing artist Maxwell C. Dannen can complete any type of body piercing from difficult body parts to intricate designs that incorporate dozens of piercings.

We offer VCH (female genital) piercings, HCH (horizontal clitoris hood) piercings, PA (Prince Albert) and frenum male genital piercings, micro-dermals, lip, medusa, snakebites, spider bites, snake eyes, forward helix, septum piercings, and so much more! We have an array of jewelry to choose from for your body piercing!

We'll make sure to go over proper piercing care and we don't recommend that you get a piercing at home. Most professional piercings that get infected are due to aftercare. At home piercings that get infected are due to non-sterile equipment, meaning no matter how good you take care of it, it will probably get infected. We only recommend getting pierced by a professional and make sure you understand the aftercare process.

Our talented and well-trained staff works with you to guarantee that you receive the piercing you want! We have titanium body jewelry, clean facilities, and sterilized equipment. If you want to do something different to express your individuality, then come on in and we'll take care of you at Pro Prick Body Piercing.

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